Friday, November 9, 2007

HoopGirl's Hoopdance for Beginners

I have a personal fondness for HoopGirl. My first-ever -- and to this day, most-loved hoop -- is a HoopGirl hula hoop. So you can bet I was really happy to see that she'd released a hoopdance video. Get Fit, Feel Sexy, Have Fun is her trademark, and Hoop Girl delivers!

You can take a look at Hoopdance for Beginners DVD here.

Says Hoop Girl Christabel Zamor, "Hula hooping and dance have come to together in an exciting new fusion called hoopdance. This is next generation fitness that tones your body, quiets your mind and soothes your spirit."

In her Beginner HoopGirl Workout Intensive, she teaches each move in the studio, slowed down for instruction. Then each move is shown in dance. Following, HoopGirl demonstrates combinations of moves so that you can start to hoopdance, strengthen your body and get fit ... while having loads of fun. Take a peak at the demo video. But if you're wanting to start hoop as soon as possible, with HoopGirl's Workout Intensive, buy the DVD now.